Frequently Asked Questions

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Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can contact us by phone at 902-380-3663(FOOD) or by E-mail at


You can also find out more information via our social media pages by searching @PEISchoolfood.

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The PEI School Food Program is a provincial non-profit lunch program that offers ALL island students K-12 a healthy and affordable lunch 5 days per week! 

For all Public Schools Branch schools and École St. Augustin, PEISFP partners currently with 8 local vendors across the Island to prepare and deliver meals to nearby schools. As well PEISFP operates five “School Food Hubs” internally, which are in Stratford Town Hall, Montague Regional High School, Kinkora Regional High School, Souris Regional School, and Westisle Composite High School. 


The remaining 5 French language schools use their own facilities to prepare and provide meals for the students within their schools. 

One of the French language schools (École St. Augustin) is serviced by one of our vendors. The other five French language schools facilitate their own programs at the local level within their respective school/community center. However, we review their menus, and they offer a Pay-What-You-Can Program. For more information about the PEI School Food Program in the French language schools, please contact the school directly. 

The PEI School Food Program offers a Pay What You Can Program (PWYC). The PWYC Program allows families and students to choose the amount they can pay: 


1) I can pay the entire meal value (suggested $5.50 per meal)


2) I can pay a partial amount of the meal value


3) I cannot pay the meal value


The PEI School Food Program encourages families to pay for their meals if they can, to help those who are not. Collectively, we all play our part so that every Island student has access to a healthy lunch to help them grow and learn.

Ordering takes place biweekly for 10 school days at a time. Ordering will open on Saturday mornings and close on Thursdays at noon for meals to begin the following Monday. PEISFP sends out e-mail reminders to all registered users when ordering begins and closes. PEISFP also publishes this information on their social media platforms. Please check your junk mail if you are not receiving our emails.


To ensure maximum compatibility with our web platform, please make sure that your mobile device or PC/Mac has the latest app, software, and operating system updates!

We will be accepting all major credit cards and debit cards using Stripe as our payment system. 

Yes, users will need to create an account for the website. Optionally, you may also provide provide the student ID for each student you wish to register.

In order for us to identify your child / student in terms of which school, grade, class, we are giving you the option to enter their student ID, which will eliminate any duplication in names, if it happens, and allow for a smoother meal delivery at schools.

Student ID’s can be found on your child’s most recent report card. Using student ID’s will ensure that a student’s school and classroom info will be more accurate to allow for more efficient meal distribution.

When meals are ordered online, they will be prepared with the student’s name and delivered to the school each day at lunch time. Your school will offer a pickup location or will distribute meals directly to the student’s classroom!  

Meal orders can be changed or canceled while the meal ordering period is still open (Thursday at 12:00pm noon). If you cancel your order within the ordering window, a refund will be processed automatically to your account within 24 hours. After the ordering period closes, no changes or cancellations can be made.

Refunds cannot be processed for meals that are no longer needed, or if there are storm days or school closures. The PEISFP still incurs costs for these meals.

Parents/Guardians and School Staff will be required to acknowledge and sign off on our cancellation policy before meal orders can be placed. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The PEISFP offers a meat based and vegetarian based option every school day, as well both options can be made Gluten Friendly*. Additionally, there are several options that are dairy-free as well.


*Gluten friendly - While meals labeled “gluten friendly” do not contain gluten (wheat, rye, or barley) themselves, they are prepared in facilities with other products that do. Therefore, due to the risk of cross contamination, we cannot guarantee “gluten friendly” meals to be “gluten free”. Diners are encouraged to consider this information, based on their individual needs, before placing their meal orders.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity and scale of our operation, with several thousand meals being prepared every day by several vendors for several schools, we cannot offer substitutions or customized changes to individual meals at this time.

If your student does not receive their meal for a day, please contact our office and we will follow up with the vendor and school. Although this can happen from time to time, it is not common, and we strive to ensure that all students receive the meals they have ordered. 

Every meal option that has wheat and triticale in its ingredients or allergens, we offer a gluten-friendly option. When you're ordering you can specify for individual meals to be gluten-friendly or for the entire order to be gluten-friendly by turning the gluten-friendly symbol to green. When you place an order for a gluten-friendly meal, please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that meals are 100% allergen free due to the risk of contamination.